Fred Conacher Snr – final munro

During his lifetime Fred climbed all the munros except for Derry Cairngorm. What could be a better farewell than scattering his ashes on this hill?

On Saturday 1st June a party of Fred’s family and friends will be doing just this. We have received the following invitation from Fred Conacher Jnr.

Fred’s last Munro was chosen by Fred himself possibly by default. May be he just could not be bothered to walk out to Derry Cairngorm having done Ben Macdui to the north! Who was with him that day?

The fact remains he did all the Munroes, bar one ….

Would you like to join us in finishing Freds Munroes at Derry Cairngorm, where we will be scattering his ashes on Saturday 1st June 2019.

A route plan from the south (Braemar) is attached. Some of the expedition statistics……

The cycle in (or walk) on the land-rover track is 5km long
The walk and climb up Derry Cairngorm is 6.37km
Normal walking speed is 4kms an hour
Normal time to add when climbing is 30mins/300m or 10mins/100m climb
Start height is 419m and summit is 1155m therefore a climb is 736m so
add 74mins for climbing (1 hour 15mins)
Walking time for 6.37km (6.5km) = 1.6hours (1hour 40mins)

Total walk/climb up = 1.6+1.25= 2.85hrs

Decent time = 1.6hr
Total walking/climb and decent time with a top stop = 1.6hr + 3hr

(2.85 + top stop)= 4hours 40mins lets say 5 hours with more rest time.
Expedition itinerary

Certainly some of the party will be starting the expedition on Friday evening cycling in and camping at Derry Lodge. Then a full day walk up Derry Cairngorm with a camp and party at Derry Lodge that Saturday night. Return on the Sunday. Please feel at ease to participate with or around this itinerary, as you wish.

If you would like to take part please contact Fred Jnr directly. If you don’t have his contact details, contact the club.


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