November meet – Great Glen

Dear All,

A slightly belated Happy Halloween! Now your guising stint is over, why not come along on the November Weekend Meet, on the weekend of the 9th-11th/ 12th November? We are decamping to the sultry pleasures of the Great Glen Water Park, where we can enjoy the  luxuries of a swimming pool, loch views and lots of hill and low level walking options. In keeping with our November trips to the Chalets, there will be a communal meal, where we will all be bringing a dish (I favour George Clooney or Gerard Butler myself, but I may well  be bringing along a Pavlova).


Currently, we have one chalet booked sleeping up to 6 people, but another can be booked if there are enough people wanting to go. The chalets are booked on a 3 nights for the price of 2 offer, so you can stay on the Sunday night if you so wish (be ready to leave at 10am on the Monday), which makes an already good value weekend a bit of a bargain. The cost of the weekend will be about £43 for the accommodation for the weekend, depending on numbers, plus a small amount for electricity (usually about £3-£4), with petrol in the region of £20- £25 for passengers. 2 chalets will give us up to 12 spaces.


In order to get final numbers and get a second chalet organised, could you please contact me- Karen, either by email or phone by Monday 5th November so we can arrange the communal meal.  😊

I hope you’ll be able to come along and join the fun. I’m looking forward to going, see you there.

All the best,


Your gallivanting Meets Secretary


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