Covid-19 and Club Meets

Although the Ancrum Mountaineering Club has had to suspend weekend meets due to the current Covid situation, we are still able to organise day meets.

The Scottish Government regulations currently permit clubs to organise outdoor activities without the usual restriction of 6 people / 2 households. However, we do have to abide by guidance issued by Mountaineering Scotland and Sportscotland if we wish to operate under this provision.

We have now appointed a Covid Officer (who has undertaken an online training module) and have put the following policy into place.

  1. Social distancing MUST be adhered to; Ideally 2m but no less than ​the WHO recommendation of 1m.
  2. Contact information for ‘Contact Tracing’ purposes will be kept for all those attending the meet.  
  3. Food and equipment sharing is not allowed, so all participants MUST be properly equipped with survival bag, first aid kit and additional warm clothing and food.
  4. Rescue services may be slower than pre-CoVid-19 and may not be able to respond quickly (potentially overnight) if called out.
  5. Use of hand sanitiser before eating, and after opening gates is recommended.
  6. Car share outwith your own household is not currently recommended, and the club will not be arranging car share. If you choose to car share with anyone outwith your own household you should carry out your own risk assessment.
  7. The club’s covid officer is Liz Kay.  Please contact via

If you or any member of your household or hub have Covid-19 symptoms or have been told to self isolate you must not attend. Stay home and follow official advice.

Day meets take place on the last Sunday of each month. See our website for our programme.


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