Great Glen November Meet

Dear All,

Happy Halloween! Once your guising stint is over, why not think about coming along on the November Weekend Meet, on the weekend of the 8th- 10th / 12th November? We are decamping to the sultry pleasures of the Great Glen Water Park, where we can enjoy loch views and lots of hill and low level walking options. In keeping with our November trips to the Chalets, there will be a communal meal, where we will all be bringing a dish (I favour George Clooney myself, but I will make do with bringing along a Pavlova).


Currently, we have one chalet booked, but another can be booked if there are enough people wanting to go. The chalets are booked on a 3 nights for the price of 2 offer, so you can stay on the Sunday night if you so wish (be ready to leave at 10am on the Monday), which makes an already good value weekend a bit of a bargain. The cost of the weekend will be about £45 for the accommodation, depending on numbers, plus a small amount for electricity (usually about £3), with petrol in the region of £20 for passengers. The 2 chalets will give us up to 12 spaces.

Most of you have been to the chalets before, so this is just  a wee reminder about a few things to bring along, apart from your dish for the meal.

The chalets have limited supplies of dishes, casseroles and cooking implements, so you might want to bring your own equipment to make your life a little easier. Also we’ll need tea towels, washing up liquid, washing up sponge/ cloths, (and maybe the odd dishwasher tablet), kitchen roll if you fancy and maybe a loo roll. Also bear in mind that the duvets on the beds tend to be a bit thin, and there are no spare blankets or pillows, so your favourite blanket or a hot water bottle might be a good idea, and you will need your towel for a shower.


In order to confirm your place and so I can get final numbers and get a second chalet organised, could you please contact me- Karen, by Thursday 31st October, or by lunchtime on Friday 1st November (for emails/ mobile). This is so the committee can arrange the food. We’ll be looking at main courses vegetable dishes, soups and desserts. Ian is co-ordinating food, and cars, he’ll be in touch with folks once we have final numbers.

I hope you’ll be able to come along and join the fun. I’m looking forward to going, see you there.

All the best,


Your slightly busy  and itchy Meets Secretary


PS: Please also bear in mind another date for your diaries; the much anticipated visit from Santa and his Helper at the Ancrum Christmas weekend meet of December 6th – 8th 2019- more on that festive event after the November meet.


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