Skye weekend extra places and AGM

Hi Folks,

I’ve had an email from the Glen Brittle Bookings Secretary, telling me that the other club who will be staying at GBMH, have returned another 2 spaces and that we are welcome to take them over if we would like to.

So, if anyone else would like to come to Skye next weekend (4th to 7th May), get in touch with me, either by email or phone by Wednesday morning (2nd May). It is likely that using these spaces may mean either a couple of folks on mattresses in our rooms, or sharing a room with the other club, but I should think they are civilised, decent folks, like wot we are. Either way, it should be fine.

Also, as an added bonus, we will be holding the AGM at Glen Brittle, which will feature some club members in attendance for a change, not just your dedicated committee.

Here’s to a good weekend on Skye. See you there.


Your Meets Secretary, in an anticipatory mood.


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