Kinloch Rannoch meet 29/10/17

Five of us went on this Sunday meet to Beinn a Chuallaich, a corbett near Kinloch Rannoch (Sue H, Dave T, Susan B, Paul C, Lisa C). Weather forecast was very promising with some good clear Autumn weather to be expected although accompanied by a cold north wind.

After much discussion we decided to approach the hill from its eastern side rather than go up the longer southern approach from Kinloch Rannoch. An interesting approach this was as it was completely pathless on rough ground and rather steep in places. We all made it to the summit of Beinn a Chuallaich with its immense cairn and then went on to the neighbouring top of Meal nan Euan before a steep descent back down to the road.

Although a short distance and only 600m of ascent, this was a tough walk which took us 5 hours. For all those that like bagging munros, you don’t appreciate how easy you have it until you try doing corbetts like this one.

Coffee and cake at House of Bruar on the way home.

Of course it was the clock change weekend but we had all remembered about this although Sue’s mobile had woken her up at 5am instead of 6am as it had not reset its clock. Dave T has a novel approach to putting the clocks back ……. he takes the battery out for exactly 1 hour!!! Well it works in the Autumn but we couldn’t work out what he does in the Spring.

I also need to report that Paul turned up wearing a Grampian Club fleece ………… think he was confused about which club he was with.


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