Glen Lyon day meet

Just two of us attended the Easter Sunday day meet to Glen Lyon, myself and Dave T.

We headed for a quieter hill Meall nan Maigheach to avoid the hoardes that would no doubt be found on the more popular haunts of Invervar hills and Lawers range. A promising weather forecast was disappointing as it turned out to be a rather dreich day with low cloud and drizzle and a few snow flurries on the higher slopes.

Our route was planned to pass the “Praying Hands of Mary” which has been on my to do list for some time. The “hands” were easily reached. Beyond the “hands” though the hillside was rough and pathless. The initial ascent was straightforward if a bit steep. However once up on to the ridge/shoulder (whatever you want to call it), the going became very rough with many peat hags and boggy bits. The descent was pleasant on a grassy slope although very steep but it was relatively short down to the road where Dave’s car was. I think the “car fairies” had been out again as someone had picked up the car and moved it further down the road. I really wish they would stop doing this to me………

Finished off the day with coffee and cake at the Bridge of Balgie Post Office/Tea room.


Next meet Ronan Cottage, Aultbea at the end of the month.


Susan B


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