The Last Six Months

Well the highlight of the last 6 months was definitely the club’s 40th anniversary meet at the Morvich Centre in Kintail last September. Pretty good weather was had for the whole weekend and I think most people managed to ascend a munro or two over the weekend. I, along with Tim Wilson and Sharon Towell tried to complete The Saddle and Sgurr na Sgine but in the end had to settle for just the latter of these two munros. Maybe it was because I had lost my mojo a little that weekend, or at least that’s what Sharon thought, but it was still a great day.

To top it all it was one of the club’s best attended meets in years. I think nearly 20 Ancrum members old and new came along to celebrate the club’s birthday. It was great to see a few faces I had not seen for a while and a few new ones. A great deal of effort was put into the catering which was a great success and the evening ended with a good old sing song led by Linda Connell.

In November 2016 and February 2017 the club went back to the chalets at the Great Glen Water Park near Invergarry. November was for the select few it would seem, as we only booked 1 chalet, whereas we needed 2 in February. As well as myself, Dave T, Ian, Caroline, Karen, Liz and Jim came along for the ride in November and as usual we had a shared meal in the evening. I am not sure what the others did, but I made a solo ascent of A’ Ghlas-bheinn to the north of Beinn Fhada, a good day.

In February the 2 chalets were occupied by Dave T, Tim, Liz, Karen, Scott Nairn, Ian, Frank and myself. Most went off to attempt the Brothers in Glen Sheil on the Saturday while Scott and I tried for Beinn Fhada. The first group managed to climb Saileag. Beinn Fhada however was subject to white out conditions and Scott and I turned back before we had even reached any kind of ridge. There is always a silver lining, because the early finish meant we got back in time to watch the rugby over a few beers.

In October the club was at Raeburn Hut in Laggan. I think the club has been to the Raeburn every year since I Joined in 2007.  However, I have only seen it from the outside as I have passed it on the way to club meets at the Great Glen Water Park or further field. This was to be another time that I missed the Raeburn meet because I was in China in October. Dave T tells me that the meet was fairly thinly attended.

In December the club was at Milehouse in Glen Feshie for the Christmass meet. Once again I was unable to attend but I am reliably informed that a certain beardy guy dressed in red was!!

Well there are a number of interesting meets coming up in 2017 including a new hut in Aultbea at the end of April, Hope to see you there.

 Gareth Eastwood



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